uCare Health provides innovative telemedicine solutions to avoid collapses in insurers, hospitals and clinics

uCare, a company specialized in the development of ehealth platforms – and artificial intelligence – in the healthcare sector, provides remote support management for patients with special needs and also for chronic patients with very demanding assistance – due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the technology used, optimal conditions of communication with chronic patients and those who require remote support are ensured so that they can continue their follow-up with all the guarantees, without having to travel to the clinic or hospital.

uCare Health makes available to insurers, chains of clinics and hospitals, a very advanced solution to avoid unnecessary infections and lack of on-site healthcare resources in a time of public and private collapse -as the various public health authorities have announced. The alarm status will last until late next April – with an inmmediate supervision of patients.

This measure is mainly aimed at two population groups. On the one hand, to patients with special needs that require 24/7 attention and care, and, on the other, to chronic patients, with some independence but with high risks of going out of range in their respective pathologies. For both groups of patients, specific control modules using a platform would be used.

The main characteristics of the uCare platform that differentiate it from the competition are:

  • LinksLinks the video query to a medical history.
  • Links an electronic prescription with a digital signature to the medical history and therefore to a video consultation.
  • Guarantees the confidentiality of the video consultation.
  • Guarantees confidentiality and restricted access to the patient’s medical history.
  • Guarantees the custody of data on duly certified servers.
  • Traceability and auditing of processes.

Advantages of Implementation:

  • Allows video consultation and avoids physical contact between patient and doctor.
  • Avoids physical movements for medical consultation.
  • Streamlines disease diagnosis processes.
  • Provides an HMD accessible from any electronic device, even by the patient.
  • Reduces travel to the emergency room by patients.
  • Remote implementation of the platform, without any needs for travel.
  • Ongoing training of the platform users through its own virtual training platform.
  • Attends all calls through the digital platform that allows communication between the patient and the doctor through the video consultation.
  • Reduces up to 70% the need for patient´s with moderate symptoms to go to the emergency room. (According to the American Medical Association) 70% of the consultations that are made physically today can be managed through the video consultation).
  • By making the medical consultation remotely, contacts between doctors and patients are avoided
  • Issues electronic prescription with digital signature that is sent directly to the pharmacy for collection by the patient.
  • All video consultations are stored in the Digital Medical History (HMD) that each patient has on the platform.
  • Generates statistical data online for better process management.

It is, in short, the ideal solution for Spain, and other countries affected by the coronavirus, to care for the most needy patients these days.

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