u-Care way to be the leading e-consulting company in the Latin American market

u-Care establishes a strategic alliance with Grupo Cariola, in order to offer e-consulting services to more than 11 million citizens in the US.

Last Friday, October 20, u-Care signed a strategic agreement with Grupo Cariola, the leader in marketing health products for the Latino public in the United States, with more than 11 million potential customers.

The agreement reached will allow u-Care to offer e-consultation services (remote medical consultation) to Grupo Cariola’s clients. To this end, an important investment in telephone and digital marketing will be carried out, initially for 100,000 customers.

u-Care will provide e-consultation service through its medical contact center, its website, and its mobile app, to Grupo Cariola customers who contract the service.

In the words of its president, Mariano Cariola, “u-Care offers a unique opportunity to expand your range of services, through a highly innovative solution very demanded by our current customers.” He also highlighted the great need for remote medical services for citizens Latinos residing in the US, who find many difficulties in accessing medical services, due to their high costs, as well as the need to make large journeys.

Grupo Cariola currently markets a wide range of health products throughout the US, has a powerful telephone and digital commercial infrastructure with several telephone contact centers in different locations, both in North America and Latin America and makes a significant investment to marketing in mass media such as television, internet and point of sale. Grupo Cariola’s products are present in the main US retailers such as CVS, Walmart and Walgreens, among others.

Federico Rodrigo, CEO of u-Care, highlights the strategic importance of this agreement since it allows the start of operations in one of the most important digital health markets in the world such as the USA. A market with an estimated e-query revenue of more than 3,500 million dollars for the year 2022 (Verify Markets) and where there is a high demand for these services and a clear willingness on the part of the consumer to pay for them. According to his words: “Thanks to this agreement, u-Care starts the path to becoming the leading digital health and e-consulting company in the US Latino market.”

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