Bringing Healthcare closer to U

u-Care, connected Health

u-Care offers e-health solutions focused on telemedicine , with the aim of transforming health services by making them more efficient and increasing their accessibility for the patient.

e-Health for patients

We offer a complete telemedicine solution for remote consultation with doctors through video, voice and chat, including preventive health programs based on monitoring of health biometrics and chronic disease management programs through predictive systems of Artificial Intelligence to control diabetes, epilepsy and stress.

e-Health for hospitals and doctors

u-Care offers a telemedicine platform (video, voice and chat), health prevention programs and management of chronic patients to hospitals and doctors, including an effective adherence system. In addition, we offer a Doctor2Doctor solution for the management of remote consultations between physicians, with the sending of diagnostic tests and automated triage based on Artificial Intelligence.

e-Health for pharmaceutical industry

We propose a comprehensive solution for patient program management (PSP), which allows remote control via video conference, voice call and chat. We include the contact-center infrastructure necessary for its implementation and management. In addition, we have a platform for e-Reps that allows a remote integral management of the promotional visit to medical professionals.

u-Care Platform

u-Care has a cross-device web and mobile platform, with full telemedicine functionality and automated processes based on Artificial Intelligence.

Doctor-doctor and doctor-patient consultations through video conference, voice and chat

Predictive module based on A.I. for management of chronic diseases

Health control by biometrics

Schedule planning and notifications

Integrated with electronic clinical record (EHR) through SMART international protocol on FHIR

Maximum security, HIPAA (USA) and GDPR (EU) compliance

Corporate Wellness

u-Care offers a service to companies for the verification and monitoring of employees.

Greater frequency of check-up and therefore better control of health.

Savings in costs due to sick leave.

No need to leave the work center.

Greater simplicity and speed in the tests.

High value perceived by the employee.

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