eMail Marketing

Our website development process entails close communication with hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, physicians, and patients. We email questionnaires designed to elicit data which we then use to analyze how entities receive and utilize information.

Web Diseño

Our skilled team is on hand to work with you to design a web site specifically tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your clients.   A high-quality, easily navegable web page is key to an organization’s success, especially as it and enhances credibility.

Content Marketing

At u-Care we work with companies to develop content strategies aimed at strengthening their ability to attract and maintain a loyal clientele, and ultimately turn a profit.

Preparation of Landing Pages

We favor a multi-channel approach in  developing landing pages, one that  employs direct as well as indirect lines of communication in order to effectively reach specific target audiences at any location.

Mobile Marketing

The numbers of people using their mobile phones to access the internet continues to increase. We work with you to facilitate internet accessibility, providing apps for that purpose.
Preferred Customer Program
We implement projects that provide  preferred customers with on-line training, as well as pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment (excepting those requiring a prescription). u-Care has been a pioneer in Latin America in this regard.
All incentives and promotions are done in compliance with Farmaindustria rules and regulations.

WordPress Design and Development

We implement a variety of projects using WordPress, a resource that facilitates web construction. We work with clients to design websites that meet their specific needs and can be easily operated and, if necessary, modified in-house.

redes sociales

Social Networking

Social networking is essential for a marketing plan to be successful. u-Care works with you to develop effective social marketing strategies, including publication, content, as well as program evaluation and refit. Branding is a key component in this regard.

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