About us

u-CARE is a company dedicated to supporting telehealth, a pioneer in the provision of integral services for the around-the-clock prevention and monitoring of chronic patients in Europe and Latin America.

Our Services

We provide digital consultancy services specializing in Health and Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine, Consumer-Specific Software Development, and Digital Marketing.


We offer a complete application of telemedicine for patients, doctors, hospitals,  insurance companies, and public health systems, in which doctors and other health care providers can examine their patients through video or chats, advising them on how to be best manage their chronic health conditions and preempt problems that could worsen those conditions, including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, cardiac disease, and cancer, to name the most important.

Artificial Intelligence

We work to develop solutions of basic digital health and Artificial Intelligence, to providing tools for enhancing self-care specifically and health care provision generally, thus strengthening the health care sector overall

Digital Marketing

We offer effective tools for the promotion and maintenance of commercial measures.

Our experience in communication and digits marketing allows us to utilize difference avenues of on-line media promote the use of products by the target audience, highly segmented.


We provide efficient solutions, designing software specifically geared towards meeting the needs of our consumers.  We develop broad-spectrum and individual solutions that are compatible with third-party systems.

Collaborators friends;clients

Thanks for trusting us!

At u-Care, we are proud of the important agreements with different companies and public organizations, such as collaborators, business partners and clients.

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